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Life Lessons Through Chess

Learn the game that teaches you about all the others; the game of kings and the king of games – Chess.

My Approach

Teaching chess for nearly 20 years has taught me a simple lesson – We are all innately skilled, creative & unique. My job is to help you discover your own inner confidence and unique play. Chess is a profound journey and I look forward to helping you find your path.

Jeremiah Hosea Landess, Founder & President

Take a Class!

I currently offer one-on-one remote classes via Zoom, Facetime, and other major remote learning tools. Let’s begin your personalized chess journey today!

Classes for Both Kids & Adults

You’re never too old, or young, to start learning chess. Chess prepares young minds and reawakens older ones.

A Laboratory In Strategic Thinking

Chess strategies are life strategies. Begin to see the world in a whole different way!

Ask About Group Classes

Take your chess journey with a friend or loved one, whether you’re in the same room or countries apart.

The King of Games

What if I told you that there is a game that activates every aspect of your intelligence? A game that improves your spacio-temporal awareness. A game that is the ultimate game of tactics and strategy. This game will improve your powers of visualization. It will improve your memory. It will improve every aspect of what you do. If you are a lawyer this game will make you a better lawyer. If you are an athlete it will make you a better athlete. If you are an actor it will make you a better actor. If you are a leader, it will make you a better leader. The game can serve as a functional metaphor for every aspect of life. All of these enriching features result in better brain health.

The game to which I am referring is the game of kings and the king of games – chess. Chess is the new epistemology. It itemizes the principles of problem-solving. It trains us in sequential thinking and the examination of ideas. It shows us how to maximize the productive output of a team or labor-force. Chess shows us, as well as anything ever could, the development of a theoretical system over the course of a historical timeline. Chess is all these things, but first of all chess is wildly fun. Let’s start your lessons today.

Jeremiah Hosea and Magnus Carlson

Jeremiah Hosea Landess, Founder & President, with Magnus Carlsen


Jeremiah is patient, intelligent, strategic and principled. When I started lessons with him, I could barely play. He helped me raise my virtual score and find the confidence to play publicly.
- Bryan

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